Beza's Disciples

Session 19, The Griffon's Nest
We've Got the Staff, Run Away!

The party made it to the Silver Spine Mountains and found the griffon nests described in Teraden. They spotted a rock that looked unusual and tried to push it aside. It was a door to a gnome tunnel with several inhabitants. Apparently they run a shop of several trades including potion making, tool smithing, and the manufacture of siege engines. The group offered them some masterwork thief’s tools to stay the night. In the morning the party went out to try to get the Staff of the Winds. Adell scaled the mountain and knocked the staff down to the group, but the griffons saw the staff falling. One of them swooped down to grab it. Beorn performed a baleful transposition on the griffon after it caught the staff and the rest of the group quickly finished the griffon. Re’Kal grabbed the staff and the group hurried back into the gnome tunnel, but not before taking some damage from dive bombing griffons. The group decided to stay with the gnomes to heal up and they bought some healing potions as compensation. Re’Kal also commissioned the building of a device to add electrical damage to his strikes. He provided 150g up front with the promise of another 250g. The device needs to be cranked for 10 minutes to provide 10 charges dealing +1d3 electrical damage. The device will take up about half of Re’Kal’s pack and will be ready within 7 days.

Each party member was awarded 500 xp for the session.

Session 18, Jaunt Across Talland
Hacking Away Across the Plain

The party restocked at Teraden and found news of problems. In addition to those previously listed they found the following:

-There are ancient ruins in the north that are said to contain powerful artifacts. Everyone who has sought them has returned crazy or not at all.
-There is a chimera that has taken residence in a mill down river from Teraden for about the last two weeks.
-The water supply from the the River Braille to the city of Teraden has slowed to a crawl. Beavers have built a dam across the river upstream, but all attempts to knock it down have been thwarted by a hydra living near the river. Rumor says the beast has at least 7 heads.
-A short while ago a mage was conducting a ritual using the Staff of the Winds in order to bring favorable weather for crops. A flock of griffons blind-sided the mage and carried off the staff. It’s said that there are griffon nests in the Silver Spine mountains.

The group decided to head to the Silver Spine Mountains and see if they can recover the staff. Along the way the group encounters both a gray render and four ankhegs. The group defeats all of these magical beasts.

The reward for this session is 2275 xp (no treasure, very sad).

Session 17.5, Information Gathering in Teraden
Taverns, Bookstores, and Markets

Sonny and Beorn Kins-Fisher start roaming through Teraden looking for information and items.

Beorn Kins-Fisher finds a library and looks up information about magical beasts. He finds a book about dealing with (and cooking) beasts that are found in Talland including some magical beasts like hydras. He also finds a dwarven armor smith that sells him a large mithril shield for 1200 gold.

Sonny goes seeking information and finds out some new pieces of information from local rumors. He hears that there was a princess that was carried off by a magical beast. He hears that there are evil giants, magic users, and battling elements up in the Norther Waste. He hears that The mines in the Spine mountains have been noticeably less productive as late (likely tied to the information from Malcorin that this may be the base of operation for some of the devils). Sonny found a dwarf that confirmed the miners have been attacked a lot harder than usual over the past few years and many productive mining operations have gone silent. He also found out that there is a gathering of magic users on the island nation of Alcarin. This may be related to the long dormant volcano recently beginning to show signs of life. Sonny also does some shopping and finds boots of strength + 1 and a Composite Longbow (Max Str + 3).

Aster purchases a few lengths of ribbon to decorate her wolf. Re’Kal purchases some shiny baubles and choice meats for Adell.

Session 17, Entering Talland
Spikes from Above

The party once again goes through the travel archway by the tower, activated by Malcorin. The party finds themselves in the forest home of Aster, near the boarder of Talland. From there the group ventures north, north-east to seek out the capitol city of Talland, Teraden. Along the way, the group encounters a pair of manticores feasting on local livestock. After contemplating the beasts for a time, the manticores notice the party and after sharing a few words they take to the sky and attack the party. After a couple volleys of spikes and arrows (including a particularly painful set of spikes that hit Re’Kal and a nearly deadly shot from Aster’s bow), the manticores lunge to the ground to attack the party. Some sword slashing and mud wrestling followed and then both manticores were slain. Following this battle, the group proceeded to the capitol city of Teraden where they were inspected for objects of evil intent prior to entry.

Each party member received 1000 xp. The party received the following treasure:
Each member received 125 gold. The group acquired four gems (a blue quartz, a moss agate, a coral, and a tourmaline). The group found a blue potion (cure light wounds) and a scroll of obscuring mist. They also found a fairly normal looking helm (a Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic once identified) and a small silk packet of dust (Dust of Disappearance once identified).

Session 16, Return to the Swamp
We're Off to See the Wizard, I Mean Sage

The party returns to the barbarian tribe’s camp to share their victory with the tribe. The chief responds with his eternal gratitude to your party. He says they do not have much to offer in terms of riches, but you have their friendship and loyalty. While in the camp, you also discover that during your assault on the camp the tribe encountered an assault team that the tribe was able to fend off with only three deaths.

From there, the party returned to the city of Reede and reported their results to the city council. The council commends the efforts of the group, but says they remain worried about Aiden and his group because they have not yet returned. The party decides to seek after Aiden’s group to see if they can be of aid. After tracking Aiden’s party through the swamp, the party discovered that they encountered and killed the hags already as evidenced by their dead bodies. It appears that five of the city guard were also killed in the encounter. The tracks of the remains of Aiden’s group leave the swamp. From there, the group decides to return to the Sage’s Tower.

At the sages tower they once again meet Malcorin and his apprentice, Kent. The indicate there is a greater evil that threatens the land and provide the following narrative:

The Pit Fiend Kagrill stole a dragon egg from the mortal plane to raise as a daughter and general of his armies. This dragon, Beza, was raised in the Nine Hells of Baator to be Kagrill’s favored one. Kagrill, losing ground against the other dominant Pit Fiends and Balors, made a treaty and took an evil demigod, known as the Lady Dread, as his lover. She was jealous of Beza’s favor and forced Kagrill to banish her from the plane. Kagrill, furious at his loss, attacked Beza in a rage and sent her from his presence forever. Beza left the plane humiliated and gripped by a loathing for authority. She came to Cambria with the goal of bending the land to her evil will and creating her own kingdom that will eventually encompass the entire material plane. She has been working to bring about her evil reign for 16 years. She’s aided by her devil disciples that followed her into exile. Beza is an adult red dragon marred by the brutal scars left by Kagrill.

Malcorin also addressed some of the groups questions.
-He confirmed that there is a royal library in the capitol of Talland.
-Malcorin, when asked about ways that they can communicate with him, goes to a cabinet and returns a short while later with a crystal. He says that if you focus on the crystal when settling down to rest, that he will be able to determine that you wish to speak with him when he is scrying. He cautions you that overuse of the crystal may draw the attention of others that scry. He gave this crystal to Sonny.
- When Malcorin was asked about traveling, he said that there are other keys to use the traveling archways that are like his own. He said that he is aware of another guarded by a sphinx in the southern part of the Spine Mountains.
- He also provided information about the special characteristics of the Sage’s Tower, that it slows aging by 90%, has strong wards against evil, and aids both traveling and scrying.
- Malcorin describes the state of the lands to the north. He says that Orgalmet is being assaulted by giants and evil magic users from the north. These creatures are being led by Beza’s right hand devil, a horned devil named Aogun. He maintains harsh discipline on these beings he’s subjugated with his pride of hellcats. He also describes the dire situation in Talland. That land is being overrun by magical beasts bred by devils. The ones responsible are an Ice Devil named Kazz and a Erinyes named Zeera. They are known to have bearded devils at their disposal. Two cities, Pelledor and Geshant, are already known to be overrun by these beasts.
- The group finds out that Kent was once from the city of Reede, but has not visited the city for over 150 years.

Session 15 Eliminating the Gnoll Threat
Tricky, but not Tricky Enough

The party and their barbarian and city guard allies depart the next day from their camp to try to find and finish off the remainder of the gnoll camp. They find a new camp set up about an hour south of the original gnoll camp. The group attacks the camp from the south to find only a feeble defense of eight gnolls to meet them. Shortly after they meet with these gnolls along the south side of the new camp, the party sees that a larger force of gnolls and ogres is flanking them from the west. After finishing the eight gnolls they were already fighting, the party meets with the larger force of 15 gnolls and an ogre. After a hard fought battle, in which one of the city guard perishes, the gnoll force was defeated. The party gets the opportunity to plunder both of the gnoll camps.

The rewards for this session were 2000 experience and treasure as outlined below:
Each player received 808 gold and 8 platinum.
Aster received a smokey quartz gem, a silver comb with moonstones, a masterwork composite longbow (+3 str), 3 flasks of holy water, and a pearl of power 2nd level.
Beorn Kins-Fisher received a deep blue spinel gem, a silver plated steel longsword with jet jewels decorating the hilt, 4 smokesticks, 4 vials of alchemists fire, and a ring of saves +1.
Re’Kal received a rock crystal gem, a large well-done wool tapestry, a masterwork set of thieves’ tools, a set of full plate armor, and a wand of bears endurance.
Sonny received a bloodstone gem, a ceremonial electrum dagger with star rubies, two sets of full plate armor, and a wand of silence.
The party also received an amber gem.

After this session, each of the players experienced a cut scene the next time they rest. The cut scenes are listed below:

Adell crawls up to you after you settle down to rest. She curls up beside you. You hear in your mind: “You make me worried when you put yourself into harm’s way like you did today. It was frightening feeling your mind go numb and silent when you fell to the ground. I know you are working to take care of me, but we also need to take care of you.” Adell cuddles a little closer “I can help in some situations too. As long as you keep feeding me well, anyway.” You hear a chirp of amusement from Adell. “Perhaps my stealth will be of use sometime soon.” Your character mulls over this after wishing her a good night. Re’kal is pleased to get a little more connected with his new companion.

Beorn is pulled aside by a barbarian he has known since childhood. “Beorn, we are honored to have you battle beside us again. These last couple weeks have been terrible for our tribe. I’m sure you feel the great pain in your soul at hearing the losses of your tribesmen. But as long as we have breath, our tribe lives on. Your aid has changed the tide of this war and brought us victory. Our tribe survives for at least another day and we will rebuild. Your ancestors will celebrate with you today in your glory. I am sure your father is also very proud of you for carrying on the family tradition of seeking to be a wise one within the tribe. I wonder, will you be partaking of a spirit quest to meet with your spirit guide now?”

The leader of the city guard with you, Captain Gerald, approaches Sunny and addresses him after clearing his throat ‘Hem’ “You have led us well today! You have shown a courage and leadership that I haven’t seen in many warriors. You remind me a bit of Aiden with that gleam in your eye. It has been an honor serving beside you in this mission and it would be an honor to do so again in the future ‘Hem Hem’!” Sunny sees the the respect in the eyes of the troops. He’s sure that his father would be proud of what he’s accomplished so far for the innocent inhabitants of this land. He is reaffirmed in his steadfast quest for justice and gets a distant look in his eye as he thinks of the future evil he must confront…

Aster settles down to rest beside her wolf for the evening. As usual you find yourself a short distance away from the others of the camp. You’ve never felt particularly comfortable around city folk. Trees, grass, wildlife: these are the things that feel like home. You pull the wolf close to you to give it an affectionate scratch. Even though these people have strange ways; ways that are overly preoccupied with things like books, status, and personal possessions, you feel a strange connection to their spirit. The group you have traveled with has a special spark… Odd that you so quickly would “settle” with a group. Part of you longs to return to where your family dwells in the Darkwood Forest, but the other part… you still haven’t completely figured out what called you to leave the wilderness in the first place. Was it just a desire for adventure, or was the calling something else, something more profound and magical?…

Session 13 and 14, Attacking the Gnoll Camp
Gnolls and Ogres are No Match!

The party along with their allies clashes with the gnoll and ogre force at the north end of the enemy camp. The group protecting the east side of the camp continues to be distracted by the sounds of drums and trumpets coming from that direction. After a ferocious battle, the group defeats the 19 gnolls and 2 ogres that they are facing. Before the reinforcements from the east side of the camp can rally to the north end of the camp, the party and allies withdraw from the camp. They take up a camping position about an hour to the northwest of the camp. Aster and Re’Kal remained behind to spy on the camp and saw that even though some of the tents were left standing, the remaining force left the camp and headed south. Five of the barbarians were dispatched back to the main barbarian camp to report on what happened. During the evening, the party finds two gnolls spying on the camp. The group kills the two scouts after racing after them for the better part of a mile.

The party members each received 2600 experience for the creatures defeated, for helping the barbarians, for distracting part of the gnoll camp using the music box, and for rescuing Aiden.

Session 12, Meeting the Tribe
With the Barbarians

The party and the aid from Reede meets up with the Barbarians in the plain. They introduce themselves to the chief, Reanor, and offer to heal the barbarians they can. He’s grateful for the help and offers 10 barbarians to join the party in their attack on the gnolls.

The party, with the 10 barbarian and 5 city guard volunteers, approaches the last known location of the gnoll camp. As they approach the camp, they are spotted by 2 gnoll scouts. The group dispatches them before they can return to the camp, but in the process they arouse the suspicion of an ogre and 4 more gnolls. When this group of enemies spots the party, they flee back to the camp, calling for reinforcements. The party charges after them, activating the music box to play the sounds of drums and trumpets from the east. They see ranks of gnolls and ogres ready themselves at the east end of the camp, but also a notable force at the north end of the camp, right where the party is charging.

Session 11, Scouring the Fort
Some New Friends

The group collects all the spoils from the fort, freeing some slaves in the process. Strangely, the group saw two frightened children in the fort that seemed to disappear when the group turns away from them. The group recovered all of the stolen magical items from Reede and prepares to head back to the City.

On the way back to Reede, Aster acquires a wolf animal companion and a psuedodragon chooses Re’Kal as his person. Re’Kal names the psuedodragon Adell and she seems quite pleased with the name.

When the group returns to Reede, they find out that a messenger from the Barbarian tribe named Janice has come to the city asking for aid. The fight in the plains with the Gnolls is going very poorly. Out of the 210 members that were with the tribe, only 101 are still alive and many of those are injured.

The party speaks with the city council of Reede and the newly revived Aiden, who had been found dead in the hobgoblin fort. The group volunteers to join a party that will help the barbarians. Aiden advocates the idea of leading a force to defeat the hags. The City Council grants 5 city guard to join the party in their defense of the barbarians. They send a group of 7 city guards with Aiden to attack the hags. Dant also volunteers to join them.

Session 9, Preparing for the Assault
Justice Team Assemble!

The party approached the City Council of Reede with the information they had acquired and requested aid in the assault. The council granted the party 6 soldiers from the city guard to help in the assault led by Captain Gerald.

The party approached the fort with their new force and discussed battle plans. It was decided that the soldiers would create a distraction by launching a ranged attack from the front of the fort. During this distraction, the party would stealthily approach from the east and try to infiltrate the fort from the storehouse.


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