Beza's Disciples

Session 3, Into the Woods!

Follow, follow, eek!

The party camped out of the city except for Re’kal after beating the second set of hobgoblins. During the night, the city falls victim to a hobgoblin assault that leaves the city in chaos. The hobgoblins, who were spotted with bugbears, manage to kill Aiden and carry his body off into the night. They also managed to steal all of the known magical items in the city. The group consults with the city council. The group is charged to find the location and strength of the hobgoblin fort.

The group decides to follow the tracks of the hobgoblins into the woods to find the fort. Aster was able to find the hobgoblin fort this session, nestled about 4 hours into the forest. The raiding party took a cart there which was carrying Aiden and the stolen magical items. Along the way, they come across a cave with an ettercap. The group is able to best the best and his pet spiders.

Each member of the group was awarded 400 xp. Overall they found 380 gold (30 gold was from the ettercap’s stomach, it took a while to clean it). The group also recovered an enlarge person potion and a cure light wounds potion.



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