Beza's Disciples

Session 5, Into the Swamp

After Them!

After the group rests, they pursue the hobgoblins that fled them, once again relying on Aster’s tracking ability. They are able to track them through the stand of trees where they lost them and through the other side toward the swamp. They come across their camp just before entering the swamp and make quick work of them. They have a note with them:

Lleckra, Floga, and Hask,

The time to finish the city of Reede has come as agreed in the treaty. We attack the night of the full moon.


The next full moon after this message was intercepted was in 7 days.

Afterward, the group decides to go into the swamp to seek the advice of the Sage in the Tower. Along the way, they come across an aggressive merrow. After an exchange of blows, they down the merrow.

Each member of the group collected 350 experience and the group received 250 gold. The group also found a Murlynd’s Spoon made of horn from among the merrow’s belongings.



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