Beza's Disciples

Session 6, At the Tree of Tranquility

Besting the Barghests

The group finds a tree that seems to radiate a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. The party approaches it and a dryad emerges. She requests aid for the damaged tree behind her. She explains that sinister barghests have been using some type of magic to attack the tree. The group is put to sleep and sees a vision of the tree being assaulted by a sinister force with glowing orange eyes. The group agrees to help. The party finds a den with a couple of barghests in the direction that the dryad indicates and dispatches both of them. They find 120 platinum, 400 gold, and 2500 silver. Each party member earns 825 xp. They also find an amber amulet which they later identify as the Amulet of Dreams. The Barghests were apparently attacking the tree in the dream world using this amulet. When the party returns, the dryad grants each party member an acorn from her hair. The acorn is a magical item that grants +1 con and +1 wisdom (representing the durability and wisdom of the Tree of Tranquility).



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