Beza's Disciples

Session 8, Arriving at the Tower

Knowledge Bestowed

The party finally arrives at the tower. They find that the building stretches 80 feet into the air with a bright shining crystal near the very top. The crystal seems enormous, visible for well over a mile. As they near the tower, they feel as though they cross a barrier in the air, nearly tangible. The barrier does not seem to impact them in any way. About 20 feet from the base of the tower they find a stone arch with a plinth just in front of it. The plinth has an indent in it and some writing in a foreign script, but they do not recognize any of it.

The group enters the tower and is escorted to the top by a shield guardian (one member of the group rides the shield guardian). At the top they find a pair of individuals, one old and wizened, the other one seems to be in his late 20s. The older one introduces himself as the sage Malcorin. He seems to be expecting the group and is willing to provide guidance to the group. He explains that a Bugbear Cleric named Kregnall has been meddling in the affairs of the region. He has encouraged a strong bugbear named Harethmet to take leadership of the hobgoblins in the forest. Under his leadership, they were to take a more aggressive stance against their human neighbors, hopefully to prevent the following prophesy from Kregnall:

The will of the Many is in jeopardy if Harethmet falls to a human born native. This one will be sent from Reede bearing a magical family heirloom. Should Harethmet fall, the land of spoils may be lost to peace and evil blighted from the land.

The sage Malcorin says that there may be more to learn if they can best Harethmet and that they should return to the tower if they can defeat the fort. He provides a few books for Beorn Kins-Fisher. Malcorin takes the group out to the arch in front of the tower and puts some type of key in the plinth. When activated the archway became a portal to the forest near Reede. The group proceeded through and decided to spy on the fort.

When the group settled near the fort, they encountered a patrol of hobgoblins. The group killed the five hobgoblins and hid themselves further from the fort.

Each member of the group received 450 xp and the group receives 245 gold and a set of half-plate armor. At this point, the anticipated assault against Reede is four days away.



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